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It's All About Mindset

SpreadenJoy We simply chose this name because it clearly defines the purpose of creating this Brand, Spreading Joy and happiness around us.

A mindset is a belief that orients the way we handle situations — the way we sort out what is going on and what we should do. Our mindsets help us spot opportunities but they can trap us in self-defeating cycles.
We all agree that life is not easy, But we also believe that each one of us has a choice: to focus our energy on obstacles, worry about what could go wrong, or to focus and pay attention to the rational, the positive and the good.

Here’s our Message to you, to the world: Accept who you are, allow growth in your life and enjoy the journey! 

Accept your body, accept your flaws, love who you are, stick to your values, but allow yourself to grow. Don’t stay stuck in the limiting beliefs and habits that no longer serve you, go get things done and achieve that dream of yours, take whatever’s happening and try to make it as good as it can possibly be, regardless of what’s going on in other areas of your life or what might happen in the future.

Just Be, to the fullest.




We are a team of young, motivated minds breathing the creative spirit, only doing what we love, day in day out.

We’re a fully distributed team, meaning that we’ll be sending your orders and replying to your questions from around the world!

It’s the unstoppable energy and inspiration that gets us to work every day, focusing on positivity and our continual quest to improve ourselves, our products, our processes, our services, considering your happiness & satisfaction our top priority.



Empowering the world, One mind at a time. That's our mission.

5 Folks – Multilingual team
Located in 4 Countries
250 Happy Customers till now
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“Achieving durable happiness as a way of being is a skill. It requires sustained effort in training the mind and developing a set of human qualities, such as inner peace, mindfulness, and altruistic love.” – Matthieu Ricard