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It’s all about spredeing Joy and earning free products 


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How it works?

  1. After your 1st purchase you will automatically receive your unique customer code*

  2. Let your friends know they get 5$ Off their first purchase if they use your code.

  3. Once they submit their order You get 5$ off your next purchase too!


Megan is our amazing customer, she is a traveler, she saw our instagram page and was very inspired. she decided then to give it a try, she got a T-shirt and a necklace, and was very satisfied.

  1. She automatically received our email with her unique code that never expires! 
  2. She then decided to give the code to her facebook friends.
  3. Four friends purchased from SpreadenJoy, using Megan’s code they all got a 5$ OFF.
  4. Megan received an email that she earned 20$, now she only needs to pick a product  she love and get it for free.

Share your code too and earn free products when your friends purchase using your code.


  • Your Unique customer code will never expire.
  • Invite as many people as you want, it’s unlimited.
  • You can also invite people fom other countries, we ship worldwide.
  • When you accumulate the 5$, don’t forget to claim your free products before 3 months, as the offer expires after 3 months.