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Empowering the world, One mind at a time.

Stories connect us as human beings and give us a sense of place in the world.

Help us build our inspiring collection of stories by sharing your personal journey.

Ever read someone's story and think, “This is exactly what I needed to hear today”? Your story will do that for someone else.

Tell us about:

when did you first learn to accept yourself as the amazing person you are?

What difficulties you’ve overcome… or what difficulties you are struggling to overcome. 

Was there a breakthrough moment when you first recognized your inner strength?

How did you learn the importance of positivity?

Share anything you want…there are no rules or requirements for your story.

Your submission can be anonymous if you wish.

Your story can be as short or long as you want it to be.

You can write it in the language of your heart, we will get it translated.

We invite you to share your story  here

Thank you!